Hazard Control Services

Control of Hazardous Energy - Lockout - Tagout Program Services

Industrial Safety Solutions, Inc. performs complete Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout) Program Assessments, to include:

Control of Hazardous Energy Program Development, Implementation, and Management

Development, Implementation, Documentation, and Employee Training in Machine-Specific Control of Hazardous Energy Procedures

  • Machine Specific Energy Control Procedures

  • Machine Specific Zero Energy State Procedures and Posters

  • Machine Specific Normal Productions Operations Interventions, Machine Guarding, Procedures and Posters

  • Standardization of Labels, Signage, Identification Placards

Annual Review and Certification of each Machine Specific Control of Hazardous Energy Procedure

Authorized, Affected, and Other Employee Documented Training

  • Problem Solving

  • Injury Investigation and Abatement Services

  • Fabrication and Installation of Control of Hazardous Energy Equipment, Shadow Boards, Cabinets, Energy Isolation Devices, Placards, Labels, Locks, etc.

  • Complete Full Service Program

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